Frequently Asked Questions...

At Envy Tan, I have excellent product knowledge and am able to evenly and quickly apply a solution that will work well with your skin. I use the less is more approach especially for first time tanners to prevent any tanning disasters, you can always make your tan darker but is hard to make a tan lighter or remove an orange colour. There is no need to feel self conscious or nervous, I have sprayed many people of all shapes and sizes.

How long will my tan last?
Your tan will last between 4-7 days. The longevity will depend on your skin type and the before tan preparation. Application of a daily moisturizer will also extend the life of your tan.

Is my tan safe?
My tan is specially formulated solutions which contain no preservatives, oils, perfumes or harmful chemicals. Manufactured using advanced techniques and refined ingredients. My tan ensures long lasting, natural colour with no unpleasant odours.

What should I wear?

Women...should wear whatever they feel comfortable in whether you wear nothing, underwear, a g-string or your swimming costume is completely up to you.

Men...must wear some form of underwear whether that be speedos or boxers.

Will a spray tan ruin light clothing such as a wedding dress?

A spray tan will not ruin any light clothing but ensure that you have the tan applied the day before you intend to wear any light coloured clothing. Also remember to Shower twice to ensure that all the bronzer has washed off.

What are the benefits of having a professional spray tan over a DIY fake tan?

When you DIY it is not only hard to reach your back and the back of your legs, it is also hard to tell whether you have applied the lotion, cream or spray consistently. At Envy Tan I will make sure it will be streak and hassle free.

Are there any harmful effects?

Dermatologists will enthusiastically agree that tanning with a DHA formula is much safer than baking for prolonged hours in the sun.


Is it ok to have a spray tan when pregnant?

There are no tests showing that spray tanning during pregnancy is harmful.  DHA is made from sugar cane and in the forty years of its use has no known problems.


Can I breastfeed and get a spray tan?

Even though the tanning solution is made from natural products we suggest when breastfeeding that you leave your bra on when having a spray tan.


What about swimming?

The use of hot baths, spas and chlorinated pools will reduce the life of your tan.


Will my tan wash off?

No your tan will not wash off it will fade just like a natural tan.  It is essential to understand that if you use soaps containing SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulphate), spas or swim in pools the life of your tan may be affected.

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